6session is a collaborative blog dedicated to the promotion of IPv6 in its “succession” to IPv4 as the next generation Internet Protocol.  6session is devoted to providing real-world case studies, lessons learned, designs, testing and configurations.  There is a lot of good theoretical material on IPv6 out there but little practical knowledge.  Share your experience with the Internet community by submitting your work for publication.

Because IPv6 is, in practice, relatively new, there is not much in the way of practical data, integration success (or failure) stories, lessons learned or best practices.  There are many great text books and some include some practical, real-world information.  But for the most part the material is theoretical and only speculates on what may be the best practice, mostly through IPv4 experience or general networking common sense, but not necessarily direct IPv6 experience.  We have not (yet!) had the years of IPv6 behind us like we do with IPv4, so the transition will be a major challenge.

This blog was founded so that the networking community could collaborate on topics related to IPv6 and share experiences and help to foster the development of best practices.  Each article published will allow for comments so that suggested designs or best practices can be refined and improved.

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